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Kovid produces his content with ONE intention and that is, IMPACT.

His primary contents can be found through his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Accounts.

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Kovid Panthy is an Best-Selling author of his first book, “Python Programming Hero”.

He also has some other books on the queue. He aims to impact more people through his books.

His writings can be found on the BLOG PAGE and Medium too.

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Qualifications & Awards

Awards and Recognition obviously don’t determine a skill of a person. But it will surely help prove his/her skill.


Kovid Panthy IBM Champion
Kovid Panthy Best Seller


  • Helped A Real Estate Company, Kelvin Estate, Inc. increase their sales by 10x
  • An Auto Repair Company Made it’s First $10,000 in first 3 Months using Kovid’s Copy.
  • Influenced Thousands of People Worldwide Through Live Speaking and Social Media.
  • Mentored People Across 15 Countries.
  • Self-Made Entrepreneur running Multiple Online + Offline Businesses.


  • IBM Champion 2019
  • Best-Selling Amazon Author

Books & Publications

Published Wisdom and Knowledge

Computer Programming

Python Programming Hero

This book guides beginner to learn a computer programming language named, “Python”. You can have a look to it from the button below.