📅 April 3, 2020
How To Make Your First $1000 In A Month?
By Kovid Panthy

By Kovid Panthy

Make Your First $1000

Here I will be guiding you on how you can make your FIRST $1000 a month. So, stick with me till the end of this post.

I was financially broke.

I was mentally broke.

But, all of a sudden, I made $12,000 this month. If I can do it, why not you?

What’s The Story?

Here’s my story first. Then I will share my blueprint with you. I used to think about How I could make My FIRST $1000 a month.

I have been trying many different things for a long time. For a long time, I run many different websites with their own business models. Each of them was doing OKAY kinda work. Then, the business of MY PERSONAL WEBSITE took a high growth rate. It could be defined as a ‘J Curve of My Business’.

I didn’t know how and why it happened and thought someone spammed me. Because I had seen the VIRAL video of MrBeast YouTube Channel, I thought someone like him experimented on my site. But when I printed the report on the sales, they were actually hundreds of people who bought my service.

I sold an online course of mastering a skill and making money through it to hundreds of people in just a few days. You now might be thinking, “How could this happen?” or “It would be great if you can tell us the exact way.” and now I will be giving you the exact blueprint on How You Can make your first grand.

My Blueprint of Making My First $1000 a Month

Making or Creating your first $1000 is not rocket science. You don’t need any fancy so-called DEGREE to master this particular method of creating GENERATIONAL wealth.

1. Master A Skill

You can do nothing if you don’t know anything.

Kovid Panthy

As the quote says, if you don’t have any skill, that means you don’t have anything to offer to the marketplace and you will fail to provide VALUE which will make you fail on creating GENERATIONAL wealth.

So, the number one method of creating your first $1000 a month is to firstly master a skill.

NOTE: If you want to master a skill and learn how to make MONEY out of it, click HERE

2. Make A Website

I made my 12 grands i.e. $12,000 from my WEBSITE. So, don’t think that you can make your GENERATIONAL wealth seating on your couch and waiting for a Facebook Message to pop up. It won’t work. You have to grind. You have to make a website.

I would suggest using WordPress as a Website Builder so that you will save some amount of hiring WEB developers or designers. If you want to actually take action and do something great, Start from here by firstly, buying a WordPress hosting and then design your site.

And after you complete this process we will go to the next point.

3. Provide Value and Build Authority

The next step of creating your first $1000 is to provide VALUE and building credibility among the audience.

Now that you have made a website of yours, you have to consistently provide value to the marketplace which will give you an authority in a particular niche. Then, after having the authority, it doesn’t matter if you sell High Priced Items also.

So, this step is very crucial to make your first $1000.

4. Drive Traffic

The last step of creating your first $1000 is to bring people to the VALUE that you have provided to the marketplace. For this, you must have marketing skills. Or You can also hire some of the digital marketers who can advertise your content and make it visible to more people.

FINAL STEP: Wait and Watch

The final step is to wait and watch now. You will be reaching your first $1000 very soon. Within a month or so. But you must focus on the three major things to make $1000. i.e,

  1. Consistency
  2. Knowledge
  3. Marketing

If you have done all of these, you should be now PATIENT.

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Kovid Panthy

Kovid Panthy

Kovid Panthy is a Copywriter, Python Programming Tutor, Consultant, Public Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and an Entrepreneur. Kovid has helped various different businesses in bringing more conversions in their copies in just a couple of months. He also gives consulting to businesses seeking to increase conversion. He has worked with companies big companies like IBM, Drive, and some multi-million dollar companies like Kelvin Estate, Inc. Beyond his achievements in his service and business, Kovid has been recognized as an IBM Champion 2019 by IBM Inc. and he has also received national awards for his wonderful achievements. Kovid is also an author of his Best-Selling Book Named, "Python Programming Hero".

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