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How To Make Money With Python Programming?
By Kovid Panthy

By Kovid Panthy

Make Money With Python Programming

300 Days Ago I published a video on YouTube titling, “How To Make Money and Earn $1000 With Python Programming In A Month”… The response was fantastic… If you want to watch that video CLICK TO THIS LINK AND WATCH NOW.

Before You Make Money with Python Programming

Firstly, When it comes to making money online or through computer, many people picture some GET-RICH-QUICK scheme or something like that. But, let me tell you this, this is not something that will make you money overnight… Because these are just some strategies you can use after mastering the skillset of Python Programming.

Now, if you are someone who doesn’t have Python Programming Skillset, you can also implement these strategies. I do give 1-on-1 Python Teaching to some people, if you want to get started on this lucrative skillset, join the inner-member club of Pythoners HERE.

So now, let’s get started with some great ways of Making Money with Python Programming.

1. Work As A Freelancer

In the past, I had worked as a freelancer for couple of years (maybe 3 years or so). The pay was pretty good. Obviously that’s a great money to start with when you have empty pockets. It’ll feed you if you are just starting out… It will be hard to earn MILLIONS through Freelancing but it’s worthful to start off… Everyone starts from somewhere… Why not you also start from here.

If you want to start your Freelancing Career, you can make your profile on these marketplaces of Freelancers and start offering your services.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer.com

There are many other platforms too, you can just try making and offering your gigs in all of the possible options.

2. Work For A Company

This one is for someone who wants little more free time and less headaches. But the thing is you will be limit-bounded… But that’s okay if you don’t have any other options for now. You can apply for some tech companies too… Specially now, companies are constantly looking for people like you to welcome into their companies with the increase of this pandemic and the popularity of Python Programming. Some of my students are working at big companies like IBM, Amazon and Reddit. Some as Web Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Developer and so on.

If you also will be able to land a job in big companies, you will be earning approximately from $50,000 a year to $200,000 a year depending upon the work and the company.

If you want some guidance on cracking the interviews in those big companies, just click HERE.

3. Teach OthersMake Money With Python Programming

This can be done if you can help others… and if you are proficient enough to answer any kinds of question that your students might ask… Obviously it’s a work of whole responsibility but it makes other people grow along with you. You can start finding some people online/offline from different social media or platforms or clubs or anywhere where your students hang out, you can earn approximately $10,000 per month at most until you delegate the work.

So, these were some of the ways that you can use to make money with python programming in no time. The only string that is attached with this is that you must be skilled in what you do… If you teach Python, you must be skilled enough in Python and Teaching… If you’re freelancing, you must be skilled in Python and maybe Time Management… So, do your research before choosing a way….

By the way, you can combine these ways too… In the sense, you can do your Freelancing as a side hustle while working at a company and also teaching part time. It’s your choice.

Enjoy!! If this helps you, write me an email at kovid@kovidpanthy.com

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Kovid Panthy

Kovid Panthy

Kovid Panthy is a Copywriter, Python Programming Tutor, Consultant, Public Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and an Entrepreneur. Kovid has helped various different businesses in bringing more conversions in their copies in just a couple of months. He also gives consulting to businesses seeking to increase conversion. He has worked with companies big companies like IBM, Drive, and some multi-million dollar companies like Kelvin Estate, Inc. Beyond his achievements in his service and business, Kovid has been recognized as an IBM Champion 2019 by IBM Inc. and he has also received national awards for his wonderful achievements. Kovid is also an author of his Best-Selling Book Named, "Python Programming Hero".

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