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How School Fucked Me Up… And Will Do The Same To You
By Kovid Panthy

By Kovid Panthy


A QUICK DISCLAIMER: If you are a SCHOOL-LOVER and have that arrogance to not accept the fact, please click the close button NOW!! If not, Welcome to the SQUAD.

When I’m writing this article, every cells in my body is boiling… because this topic is the only thing that makes me angry (Other things I’m able to control my anger almost completely).

I’m just trying to share my experience on SCHOOLING and THE SYSTEM… So, please don’t take it otherwise.

I used to say, “School Is Not For Me… JUST ME but other will need it”… I was then thinking I’m someone bigger than normal being…. But that’s not the case now, I’ve been even worse, I say, “FUCK School, it’s not for anyone”.

If you want to be a SLAVE of The System, CONGRATULATIONS!! Go ToĀ  School… If not I am sharing few stories on How School Has Fucked Me Up And Will Fuck You Up Too (Or Even Worse Maybe You Have Already Been Fucked By Schooling SYSTEM)



With 13 Hours of Hardcore Coding and making a full fledged website, I showed the website to the Head of The SCHOOL, I got a answer of, “Where Did You Copy This From?” I Was Not Fucked Up By The Answer but MY CREATIVITY WAS FOR DAMN FUCKIN SURE. It was nothing new for me though…. THAT SAME SCHOOL DOESN’T HAVE EVEN A FUCKING WEBSITE TILL THE DATE.


It’s the time when the Board exam was there, I just got a call from United States, IBM…. Asking me to join IBM Think 2019 (As I am a IBM Champion, IBM gives privilege for it’s Champion Alumni to be in the US and network in their massive conference IBM Think), due to the fucking examination in a room bounded with 4 walls and an invigilator guarding me, I was unable to grasp the opportunity… I would have gotten more experience if I had gone to the US than giving that fuckin examination of nothing.

I say it as examination of nothing because, they are not actually testing our abilities, if so, they would’ve asked us to do something meaningful,




Schooling SystemI feel so proud that I never agree to bound with the School SYSTEM… They tried to but NO force can bind KOVID up… I never attended the coaching classes, I did attend the normal classes just because I was forced to with my parents and YOU AND I BOTH KNOW, parents are the exception… But that’s my duty to obey what they say, only up to where it doesn’t hamper me and my creativity.

The so-called “System Managers” tried to even dominate my parents down (As they were supporting what I do), they tried to make me feel humiliated with the words like, CULPRIT, I was always standing still.

I could do that because of my spiritual background, which teaches me to be INCLUSIVE not EXCLUSIVE. Everyone is doing because they are meant to do…. And They were doing those things because they were meant to do… And I think, the universe had to teach me THIS THING.

Conclusive Description

So, now you’re thinking either of these things,

  1. Should I Continue My Schooling?
  2. Did I Do Wrong By Pursuing Schooling?

So, let me give a clear-cut answer to these questions, first ONE?

Should I Continue My Schooling? — Short Answer NO, The only String Attached To It Is, “If you have the will to do it and resist the negativity that’s going to be spread due to that.” And the major thing is IF YOU HAVE TIME TO DO SO, if you have 2 months to finish it, you better finish it, until your creativity is not being impacted at any cost.

Did I Do Wrong By Pursuing Schooling? Absolutely. You would be a better person if you would’ve invested the time you go to school or college into building something cool, That’s how Mark Built FACEBOOK…. NO It’s Not About He Is Exception… NOT AT ALL, you’re making him bigger and you an average. Don’t Have A Victim Mindset. That’s how Microsoft was built, that’s how Steve Built Apple.

But You Still Have Time To Understand This FUCKED UP SYSTEM. You Still Have Time To Do Something Meaningful… It’s just that, you wasted your previous times…. No matter how much you argue with me saying, it has given at least something, MY ANSWER WOULDN’T CHANGE Because, School was never created to make you learn something. It was instead created for the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, It was created to make FACTORY WORKERS.

So, don’t FOOL yourself thinking that it’ll help at any cost…

But now, if you are a person wanting to be a DOCTOR, ENGINEER…. If profession is your AIM go do it… If SUCCESS is your AIM, you better agree with me because I’m pouring the fact into you!

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Kovid Panthy

Kovid Panthy

Kovid Panthy is a Copywriter, Python Programming Tutor, Consultant, Public Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and an Entrepreneur. Kovid has helped various diļ¬€erent businesses in bringing more conversions in their copies in just a couple of months. He also gives consulting to businesses seeking to increase conversion. He has worked with companies big companies like IBM, Drive, and some multi-million dollar companies like Kelvin Estate, Inc. Beyond his achievements in his service and business, Kovid has been recognized as an IBM Champion 2019 by IBM Inc. and he has also received national awards for his wonderful achievements. Kovid is also an author of his Best-Selling Book Named, "Python Programming Hero".

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