📅 November 2, 2020
Vision of Kovid Panthy: IMPACT
By Team Kovid

By Team Kovid

Vision of Kovid Panthy

We have been getting multiple different comments, DMs, emails, etc asking us the vision of Mr. Kovid Panthy, who is a Young 16-YEARS-OLD Entrepreneur, Marketer, Trainer, Author, and Content Creator. “What does this 16 years old guy trying to prove anyway?”, “What is his vision?”, “What are the visions of Kovid Panthy?”… These kinds of questions are coming along the way, that is why, I, as a close member of Team Kovid would like to disclose what Mr. Kovid Panthy is trying to do and what his vision actually is.

Talking About Vision

Kovid has multiple sets of vision and dreams. Most of his vision and dreams are for the well-being of people and betterment of the society. Whenever we, Team Kovid, have a meeting, Kovid always shares with us, how helping others and impacting their lives is important and crucial. He says, “If you can help atleast ONE person, you are ONE STEP ahead towards blissful life.” He understands, everything starts from helping others.

Why Help?

Now again, we might think, “Why should he help anyway?” – The answer is very very simple, it’s because he understands the pain a person might be going through, the struggles, and the hardships the person may face. “It’s true that we cannot eliminate those hurdles, but we can bring down the roughness of the journey indeed”, he had shared in one of the interviews.

Many super successful people also think the same way. For example, Bill Gates, he has always done something to help people and worked for the betterment of the society and the world. In fact, that is the only reason he is one of the wealthiest people in this world.

What Are The Actual Visions Kovid Carries?

As I already said, Kovid has multiple sets of visions and dreams, but let me try to point out few of the (Though it’s not countable in hands.)

  1. Educating People Who Have Potentials but No Resources.
  2. Helping People Understand Their True Self and Follow That Self.
  3. Impacting People’s Lives By Enhancing Their Standards, Either Psychologically or Financially.
  4. Helping People Get Connected To Far Future Innovations.

These are just few which I remember Kovid shared with me. I am sure there must be quite a lot.


Again, all these visions are wrapped up with ONE word. And that is, “IMPACT”. He truly believes, “Help The World And You Will Be Helped!”

In my opinion, Kovid is really one of a kind, who embraces the power of perseverance and teaches the same to his fellow students and mentees.

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Team Kovid

Team Kovid

Kovid Panthy is a 16-years-old Young Entrepreneur, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, Public Speaker and a Content Creator. Kovid started his journey through the Computer Technology industry and slowly transitioned into Marketing and diverse fields including Education, Finance and Media.

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